Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Prints to be Retired

We are retiring a large number of prints from our Etsy Shop this month.

All Prints listed below will be pulled from our shop Dec. 1st 2011 and will not be Available again in our Etsy Shop.
If these prints are sold between Nov. 1st 2011 and Dec. 1st 2011 they will not be re-listed (except upon request).

Prints to be retired...
All mini print packs

From the 8X10 Fine Art Print Section...
"My Escape"
"How Long"
"No Girls Allowed"
"Breaking Daylight"
"The Butterfly Tree"
"Free at last"
Link"The evolution of love"

From The 7X7 Fine Art Print Section...
"When I ruled the World"
"Just to be near you"
"The Love Letter"
"The Suns Embrace"
"Because I love you"
"My Broken 8-bit Heart"
"Falling Apart"
"Moving on"
"Silent Twilight"
"Deja Vu"
"Because you are Beautiful"
"How you loved me"
"The First Sign of Hope"

From the 5X7 Fine Art Print Section...
"Across the World"
"Into your arms"
"Once upon a midnight dreary"
"This Night"
"The only Escape"
"Acid Rain 5"
"Our Little Victory"
"Heartache and Poetry"
"Heartache and Poetry 2"
"Heartache and Poetry 3"
"Heartache and Poetry 5"
"Heartache and Poetry 7"
"Heartache and Poetry 8"
"Heartache and Poetry 12"
"Heartache and Poetry 13"
"Heartache and Poetry 15"
"Heartache and Poetry 18"
"Heartache and Poetry 24"
"Heartache and Poetry 27"
"Heartache and Poetry 28"
"Please don't leave me"
"He will never know"
"Acid Rain 7"
"Losing my religion"
"Alone, watching the autumn leaves"
"Almost there"
"The Last paper swan"
"Sending you a letter 2"
"Into the deep crimson"
"The night of the paper swans"
"What do we do know"
"Bang, Bang, Bang"
"Memories are never what they seem"
"The world"
"Bored Robot"
"It's lonely down here"
"When dreams collide"
"Midnight Flight"
"I will get them down for you"
"Alone, Watching the Parade"
"Alone, Watching the Parade 2"
"Worth the Waiting"
"What the hell am I doing here"
"All we need is love"
"My Best Friends a Robot"
"The journey begins at the end of the road"
"Pulling Heaven Down"
"Break Free"
"Lost in the Wake"
"Can u fix it"
"A Forest of One"
"The Fear"
"The night belongs to them"
"Going Home"
"Everything is going to be okay"
"There's lipstick on my coffee cup"
"A Place of Dreaming"
"When night has fallen"
"Robot Kittens"
"Wishing you'd come back to me"
"Unique, unequal, special..."
"The Love Letter 3"
"Just A Dream, Within A Dream"Link
"You can use my umbrella"

From the Print Sets Section...
"Braving the Storm"
"Heaven Falls Around Us"
"In Flight"
"Watching in Envy"
"Heartache and Poetry 53" (This is the 5x7 set, the 8x10 set will remain in our shop)
"Above the Clouds" (Again, this is the 5x7 set. The 8x10 set will remain)
"Soul Mates" (Again, this is the 5x7 set. The 8x10 set will remain)

These Prints are the first in a series of Prints to be retired, the next selection of prints for retirement will be posted in December.

Mike and Jaime