Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Further Changes...

 Our shops recent move from Etsy to Zibbet has allowed us to reevaluate our Business plan. Change requires adjustments and we've rolled out our first major adjustment today. Pricing.

Pricing any item for sell is a bit of a task, you have to take into account several things. The price of materials, wear and tear of equipment, the cost of your time and fees associated with offering the item for sale, as well as the fees associated with the sale of that item.

The move to Zibbet changed the fees associated with offering and selling our artwork in a pretty major capacity. This has allowed us to lower the prices on our Open Edition Prints. And a few Original Paintings.

Being able to offer our work at a more affordable  price is pretty exciting for us and it helps us remain competitive.

Our next major change to our overall business plan will be in the form of advertising. We are currently looking into our options.
With the approach of the Holiday Season we will be offering a few of our seasonal prints.
As well as our 2013 Art Calendars.

Check out our Zibbet shop... BestArtStudios

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